Custom Sublimated Socks

Article number: Custom Socks
Availability: Available to order

Choose your colors.  Add a logo.  Put them on Strideline's comfortable socks.

Cushiony Soft

Revolutionary new yarn-blend combines ultra-soft combed cotton with micro-filament yarns.

  •  Less impurities than standard cotton
  •  Stronger and finer than standard yarns
  •  Guaranteed premium comfort

Perfect Fit For Your Foot

Memory yarns are guaranteed to form to fit your foot perfectly even after heavy use.

  •  Yarns learn and adapt with every wear
  •  Designed for left/right use
  •  Stronger yarns don’t breakdown with use

No Slipping, Bunching or Pain

Rubber Elastic combined with 5-ply grippy yarns eliminates annoying slippage.

  •  Never-blister tab ensures no chaffing or friction
  •  Hand-sewn toe seam means no toe bunching
  •  Compression padding system creates layered support
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