Payment methods

All orders must be prepaid prior to shipping by VISA, MasterCard, Debit or Electronic Transfer (e-transfer).  We do not accept American Express.

For orders requiring printing/personalization - 50% of the invoice must be paid prior to any printing/personalization being done.  The remainder of the invoice must be paid prior to shipping.

Schools or school boards will receive NET 30 days term if they have a good credit record with us and we are provided with a school letter head fax or a fax or original Purchase Order.


Remote Transactions are credit card transactions for which a sales slip bearing your signature and a credit card imprint cannot be completed.  Remote transactions include, but are not limited to, mail orders, telephone orders, pre-authorized orders and electronic commerce.

Just Volleyball Ltd. will invoice and debit your order(s) prior to shipping.  Your order(s) will be shipped when a sales slip is successfully issued - confirming approval of the debit from your credit card company.  You will receive a Customer Copy of the sales slip along with a copy of the invoice with your order or your credit card receipt will be emailed to you.